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Reasons why Constantine favored Christianity

Presentation There are various reasons why Constantine chose to support Christianity. These consolidate political and military angles as will be talked about later in this paper. Different reasons were chiefly close to home since they were not politically propelled. To start with, it is essential to the political grounds, which Constantine appreciated while he was still in power.Advertising We will compose a custom paper test on Reasons why Constantine supported Christianity explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Since individuals from the East had isolated themselves from the West, the realm expected to deal with the circumstance at the earliest opportunity. Taking care of the issue would guarantee smooth activity of the empire1. A few divisions existed in the military since the greater part of the officers were effectively associated with legislative issues. Constantine was accepted to be sincerely and profoundly joined to the Christians after he won the political a nd military war. Significant Arguments It is essential to perceive the troublesome political grounds that Constantine was getting into. Fighters chose to assume responsibility for the realm after his dad had passed on. Then again, he had assumed responsibility for Britain, Gaul and Spain. Maxentius chose to go for Italy and most pieces of Africa. Furthermore, various individuals with senior situations in the realm were likewise involved in the political fight.2 To obviously clarify the reasons why Constantine upheld Christianity, this paper is significantly going to put more concentrate on the contention among Constantine and Maxentius (Gregory 53). He was the leader of the western side while Maxentius was controlling the individuals on the eastern side. Following a few years of political turmoil, he had to settle on a significant choice. He chose to confirm some understanding with co-realm, Licinius, after which he moved to Italy with his thirty thousand soldiers to battle Maxentiu s. After a protracted battle, he figured out how to win the fight and assumed responsibility for Rome.3 Consequently, Constantine was delegated the imperial head of both east and West Empires. Considerably in the wake of assuming responsibility for the realm, he was still in a difficult situation since he required the help of the neighborhood individuals to secure his position. He could effectively accomplish this by working intimately with the previously existing associations that had the option to get solid help from the common populace (Hinson 242). The main accessible associations that could effectively acquire support from the neighborhood populace were military and religion. He accomplished his strategic assuming responsibility for the fighters and smothering a few units devoted to Maxentius.4 Thus religion was the main option for him to pick up help of his kin. Thusly, this is the means by which Christian people group began overwhelming the whole realm. In addition, this is h ow the above examined fight is applicable to the topic.Advertising Looking for paper on religion religious philosophy? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It is accepted that before he went to the war zone, he had an experience with Christ in his fantasy. Furthermore, it is claimed that Christ requested him to put some check on the military shields. Sooner or later, before they went to battle, Constantine and his officers were astonished when they saw an image of a cross over the sky with certain works showing that he was a champion. All things considered, this occurred when he and the fighters were holding a few petitions to their god. That night they were holding their supplications; Christ came to him and requested him to paint the weapons they were utilizing with an image of a cross. As per Christian Forum, the image was depicted as the Labarum. This name (Labarum) had an all around perceived hugeness in the early church. It i s claimed that this name Labarum was gotten from the word Christ by the antiquated individuals. Moreover, others accepted that the name and nature of the image appeared as though a rehash of twofold hatchet. This (twofold hatchet) was a portrayal of an ancient faction called Zeus. Despite the fact that there were a few debates about the significance of that image, it was later acknowledged generally by Christians. This is clearly apparent when Julian chose to get rid of it. Subsequently, it is conceivable to associate Constantine’s triumph with his vision of interfacing Christ with a picture that was all around acknowledged by the Christian community.5 According to the revelation, it is conceivable to reason that Constantine portrayed his triumph to Christ. Military and political viewpoints in this paper have been associated with strict feelings by examining Constantine’s vision, which joins Christ and Labarum. Despite the fact that he was well familiar with the standa rds of the Christian people group, he began watching Christians in an alternate way. Also, various scholars were not sure when they used to see him as a Christian. As per Christian Forum, Constantine knew that the Christian God was more impressive than different divine beings therefore he began considering how to approach God. Subsequently, he accepted that God would give him security and backing. Through the help from God, he would effectively run the domain. Constantine erroneously accepted that Sol Invictus was the god being revered by the Christian people group. After some timeframe in this disarray, he had the option to get a handle on and see a few qualities of Christian regulation. This could be acknowledged through a portion of his activities and what he used to state about Christians.Advertising We will compose a custom paper test on Reasons why Constantine supported Christianity explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More The progressions examined above appeared to have happened following his triumph in the battle against Maxentius. Alternately, a few changes required significant investment before they were felt. They were possibly acknowledged when his standard of the domain couldn't be stood up to by the foes. Also, the progressions were apparent when he began to disregard the standard services that were being held by the agnostics. Subsequently, he began going to Christian supplications and festivities. He likewise took an interest in the petitions which were being held to his father’s God. He additionally vowed to secure the Christian people group living in both eastern and western sides of his realm. Constantine invited the thought raised by Christians that he could applaud their God. As indicated by Christians, he was to be the hireling of God. In addition, he was to stop the regular disturbances, and change the domain to be a superior spot. As indicated by Hanna, his otherworldliness likewise uncovered that he was called by G od to come and free and bring back the domain to its ordinary state.6 He comprehended the Christian standard since he had the option to understand that the best way to accomplish your objectives is to applaud and put stock in one genuine God. On the other hand, the conviction that his accomplishments were because of being companions with God appeared to be genuine. His choice to change to Christianity could now be generally recognized. Constantine began making life essentially progressively confused for those individuals who were not Christians. Furthermore, he straightforwardly began supporting Christianity and the Christian people group. He utilized his capacity to reprimand the convictions and practices of non Christians and urged the whole realm to follow Christian convictions and practices. He got liberal to the Christian places of worship by giving them endowments. He likewise effectively contributed in the development of Christian places of worship. For example, he financed t he development of the St. Johns Lateran church. Also, the ministers were given lawful ability to speak freely and development. Prior to assuming responsibility for the domain, Christian’s pioneers were being focused with their property and social liberties taken way. Now, it is clear that he was supporting the Christian people group and all the concealments they had been encountering were arriving at an end.Advertising Searching for paper on religion religious philosophy? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More He additionally needed each man in his domain to venerate the genuine God. Constantine had the option to stop different penances, which were prior made at the sanctuaries. This carried a monstrous change to the empire.7 Before Constantine assumed responsibility for the domain, agnostics and Christians were given equivalent treatment. Things later changed after he was delegated the leader of the domain. In addition, Christianity overwhelmed the whole realm. As of now, agnosticism reached a conclusion and Christianity was the primary appealing alternative. A great many people picked to be Christians since they could carry on with a superior life contrasted with the individuals who were agnostics. In contrast to different religions, Christianity was available to everybody consequently many individuals began changing their sentiments and convictions to coordinate that of Christianity. As per Neusner, Constantine upheld Christianity since he needed a religion with more powers, trusts and a religion that would furnish the realm with the required security.8 Consequently, Christianity was the main religion that could meet every one of these necessities. Plus, it was the main accessible religion that could without much of a stretch be acknowledged by the vast majority. However, this choice was not politically spurred, it was significantly founded on close to home record. Toward the end, Christians had developed their own administration that united the ministers and professors in the domain. Different cliques were stifled and couldn't arrange themselves in a similar way. Decisively, Constantine supported Christianity and the Christian people group due to his individual confidence in God.9 This occurred following the military and political dominate. End Evidently, there are different reasons why Constantine chose to support Christianity. For example, political and military viewpoints are a portion of the significant reasons. Different reasons were chiefly close to home. H is decisio

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The ultimate irony Essay Example

A definitive incongruity Paper In the primary line of the sonnet, it tends to be seen that Duffy depicts Mrs Fraud just like a decisive and candid speaker, through the initial word Ladies. This demonstrates Mrs Freud to be an extremely definitive lady who requests regard, as she can address all the ladies at the convention simultaneously. At the point when one considers the degree of power and regard that Sigmund Freud himself increased through the fame of his speculations and discoveries, it very well may be expected that Duffy purposefully depicts Mrs Freud thusly to show that she also has her own good character outside the marriage like her significant other. The respite after the word likewise presents Mrs Freud as a quiet and rather develop individual, proposing that she is far more seasoned and more experienced than the crowd of ladies that she is tending to. As one peruses the sonnet further, it tends to be seen that Duffy through Mrs Freud, derides and reprimands both male sexuality and Freud himself in a clever way, along these lines viably taking out two targets with one shot. This is seen through Duffys work of conversational words, for example, the night crawler and pork blade, regarding the different monikers men give their penises, all through the aggregate of the sonnet. This in blend with the sonnets structure being as a piece, and Duffys shrewd utilization of similar sounding word usage and sound similarity through different words, for example, the dick, prick, dipstick and wick, gives the sonnet the vibe of a nursery school rhyme, while likewise underlining the entertaining disposition that Mrs Freud keeps up all through her introduction. We will compose a custom exposition test on a definitive incongruity explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom paper test on a definitive incongruity explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom paper test on a definitive incongruity explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer It can likewise be said that this differences the first proposal of Mrs Freud as a develop individual, anyway , a few pundits contend that her demeanor only mirrors her own feeling and perspective on men, and the manner by which they express their sexuality, her better half not being any unique. The last barely any lines of the sonnet can be supposed to be successful in depicting the fierceness at which Mrs Freud has brutally assaulted the subject of male sexuality, generally ruling out compassion. The utilization of the word penis close to the finish of the sonnet, and Mrs Freuds depiction of it as normal and not lovely, can be said to show Mrs Fraud as getting to the core of the issue, while simultaneously, this plainly represents her as having stripped manliness and her significant other of their fairly extreme layers. The later embodiment of the penis as having a desirous lone eye and the accompanying words ones sentiment of pity, is a turn on Freuds penis begrudge hypothesis, something that as indicated by Mary Greens York Notes Advanced (2007), a women's activist would state Duffy does shrewdly. This hypothesis expresses that pre-adult young ladies are desirous of men because of them having a penis, and the utilization of the analogy jealous single eye, proposes that it is somewhat men who are jealous of ladies, and the subsequent statement infers that Mrs Freud herself, feels sorry for her better half and every single other man who accept something else. Reference index Subside Cash,2002, Carol Ann Duffy: a definitive incongruity is that Midas had an enchantment contact from the start: in particular, the physical touch which had the ability to change her into a caring spouse, www. le. air conditioning. uk/engassoc/distributions/bookmarks/58. pdf Mary Green, 2007, York Notes Advancedâ (

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Gawains Moral Superiority Revealed in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight :: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Gawain's Moral Superiority Revealed in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight In the last scenes of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Gawain’s experience with Sir Bertilak permits Gawain to see his own defects, showed in his acknowledgment of the Green Girdle. The court’s response to his own blame features the distinction among him and different knights of the Round Table. Gawain’s conduct all through the sonnet has been generally imperative; his comprehension of his transgression, one that huge numbers of us would excuse since it was impelled by his affection forever, upgrades his height as a paragon of gallantry. At the point when Gawain appears at the Green Knight’s sanctuary, his simple nearness gives solace to his host, who welcomes him: â€Å"Sir so sweet, you respect the trysts you owe.† Perhaps the green brave had been anticipating Gawain, as illustrative of the disintegrating House of Arthur, to be forsaken in his obligations. Gawain satisfies his great name. So also, he opposed the insufferable allurements of Lady Bertilak on various events, giving a negligible kiss, as per the code of valor. However, Gawain erred in tolerating the support; that much can't be denied. We, the peruser, can pardon him since he apologizes completely, in any event, venturing to such an extreme as to force repentance (of wearing the support unceasingly as a sign of his fall) on himself. It takes a mellow reproach by the Green Knight to split Gawain’s faã §ade of sure valor. His heart propels him to separate when stood up to by his host with regards to his carelessness. In any case, this happened just when the host had uncovered himself to be equivalent to the Green Knight. We understand that Gawain had recently seen in Sir Bertilak an equivalent in knighthood; in this manner his straightforwardness in misleading him in the trading of rewards game. At the point when Gawain acknowledges he was the subject of a test, he sees Bertilak/Green Knight from an alternate perspective. The Green Knight presently becomes Gawain’s questioner and in doing so accept a paternal job. We see that Bertilak sees Gawain’s deficiency, his affection forever, and regardless of it, cherishes Gawain. In spite of having trespassed, Bertilak finds in Gawain a top notch knight, far better than his companions in Camelot, who, confronted with the phantom of death, became quiet with weakness, as the respect of the King lay unguarded.

Social Media Afford An Governance Workplace -Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Talk About The Social Media Afford A Governance Workplace? Answer: Presentation Authoritative conduct is basically the investigation of conduct of people in a group setting. How individuals from an association carry on with one another to a great extent goes to characterize the way of life at that specific association (Alvesson, 2015). Massive endeavors are placed in to contemplate this conduct and put that information for the improvement and development of the association. It is an itemized subject and plans to comprehend, anticipate and inevitably oversee human conduct in different associations. Human asset specialists reliably endeavor to keep up a gainful culture in their organizations. What's more, hierarchical culture is critical for the workers. A culture that supports straightforward correspondence, development, cooperation and difficult work can spur representatives to work better towards the primary objective of the firm (Hogan, 2014). Though a culture that empowers self-development, ambiguous correspondence and out of line rewards and practices can en courage demotivation in workers in the long run prompting disappointment in accomplishing the objectives of the organization (Helms Mills, 2017). In this report we will examine an instance of the organization BM Global Services Manila or GSM which has recently seen a significant office and social move in the association. The case tends to three significant inquiries in regards to suggested measurements of hierarchical culture, inspirational hypotheses and initiative styles which are replied underneath. Case Summary The case illuminates the development and achievement accomplished by BM Global Services Manila (GSM) in a range of a brief time. Pastry specialist McKenzie is one of the main five law offices by income just as headcount. GSM is Baker McKenzies biggest insourcing office utilizing more than 900 individuals from over the globe whose activity is to offer help to 77 Baker McKenzie workplaces spread more than 47 nations around the globe. The year 2000 starts with opening an office in Philippines which will be the organizations fourteenth office in Asia Pacific. The development of the organization was estimable and by 2014, from a team of 5 report processors, GSMs specialty units involved a few stories across 4 unique structures. This quick pace of development left brief period to design workplaces. In the year 2015, GSM experienced a significant change with a plan to achieve an adjustment in the workplace space just as in authoritative culture followed by GSM. Venture Convergence was presented and begun with a mean to change the workplace land and culture. The undertaking initiated by building another office for the workers and structured by the representatives. The significant changes in the new structure included: Disposing of biometrics: this was done to impart a feeling of trust in representatives and guaranteeing that their exhibition is estimated by results instead of minutes spent in the workplace (Rao, S. 2013). Rehashed in house administration: Offering lesser initiative more and urging representatives to oversee and assume liability for their own work was done to spur representatives to follow their own presentation and work as per it. Applied steady input: 360 degree audits were led so as to cause the representatives to remain alert and assist them with monitoring their presentation. This aided in spurring representatives when they needed and managing them upon approaches to perform better (Lazaroiu, 2015). Rating free execution assessment: This framework was brought into training to make the presentation assessment a lot more advantageous. Each worker was currently just contending with himself and no positions were given. This guaranteed individuals are just worried about their own presentation and are progressing in the direction of improving them. This aides as awful entertainers dont feel belittled and offended and great entertainers don't become languid realizing that they are improving. New channels of correspondence: Newsletters, Town lobbies, pioneers gatherings, espresso talks and representative hotlines were introduced and set up to support more correspondence among workers and make a feeling of straightforwardness in the association (Marsick, 2015). Furniture: Seats were currently designed to support extemporaneous gatherings with customers and group gatherings. This was done to support and ingrain cooperation among the workers. This made an open arrangement structure which upheld free correspondence among groups. This was not only an adjustment in the workplace structure or office arrangements, this realized an adjustment in the attitude of representatives. This guaranteed their hierarchical conduct changed and worked for the improvement of the firm. Straightforwardness, uprightness, responsibility, trust and coordinated effort were the qualities worried upon this new setting at GSM. This new office subsequently mixed another life in the association and has yet been proficient in building a progressively positive and gainful authoritative culture. Measurements of Organizational Culture Hierarchical culture overwhelmingly incorporates an arrangement of shared qualities, convictions and suppositions that characterize how individuals carry on in an association (O Reilly, 2014). This culture is significant and shapes the fate of the association. There are different measurements to the associations culture. A blend of these various measurements make the way of life in an association and it is essential to take note of that no social mix can work for each association (Alvesson, 2015). The concentrated on, changed and advanced the accompanying measurements so as to achieve the way of life that as of now exists at GSM. Level of decentralization: Decentralization is the measure of dynamic power given to individuals of the association. In a brought together association the option to settle on choices and define procedures lies with one individual or group at the middle. While in a decentralized association, this obligation movements to all the representatives of the association (Mahmood, 2014). GSM has been advancing a decentralized hierarchical culture where workers are trusted and offered power to settle on their own choice. Positions of authority have been limited so workers are liable for their own exhibition and can assume responsibility for the obligations given to them. This ingrains a feeling of possession in the workers and encourages them stay roused and faithful to the firm (Appu, 2015). Straightforward administration: GSM has additionally been effectively engaged with overseeing straightforward methods, gatherings, audits and so on. Their furniture is intended to incorporate off the cuff gatherings with customers and inside groups. They have received an open arrangement, nobody is given any desk areas to sit but every representative can concentrate on his work. The administration is continually ready to help and they also have received an open entryway arrangement. This social change assists representatives with staying increasingly educated about the association with which they work and this thusly imparts a feeling of possession and propels them to work more diligently (Vaast, 2013). Open correspondence: GSM representatives have faith in open correspondence. There have been a presentation of pamphlets, town lobbies, espresso talks, pioneers gathering and representative hotlines. This is done to advance open correspondence. At the point when representatives discuss unreservedly with each other, it is simpler for them to cooperate in groups. Complaints are tended to appropriately and a solidarity is created leaving no degree for miscommunication. Open correspondence likewise helps in telling workers precisely what is normal from them (Kim, 2013). This ensures the representative is clear and can convey according to desires. In conclusion, open correspondence likewise helps in making the workplace condition increasingly loose, individuals do no dread to voice their assessments and this makes them progressively certain and responsible. Singular self-rule: Individual self-sufficiency is the most ideal approach to show a representative that the firm trusts them. This implies giving a worker the opportunity to choose the jobs he ought to perform and take choices for himself. Each representative is given the plan to perform with no weight. This independence plans representatives and expands their profitability (Siegrist, 2016). It assists workers with assuming liability for their activities. Commonly representatives dont work under tension. Singular self-rule takes care of that issue and assists workers with taking their own choice and obligation regarding their activities and execution in the association. This likewise fabricates a degree of trust in the brains of worker for the business and with expanded trust, everybody expects to work more diligently towards the mutual objective. Result arranged: A firm can be result situated or process situated. Result situated association accepts that finishes legitimize the methods while a procedure arranged firm illuminates the procedure as opposed to the result. GSMs culture is that of result direction. This is a more outcome arranged methodology. Also, it is received when managers when trust in their workers and dont want to check each move that they make (Fiske, 2013). For whatever length of time that workers are helping the firm win cases, it doesn't make a difference how they do it. This is the reason GSM expelled biometrics from their office since they understood that representatives profitability is best measure by his results and results and not by the quantity of hours the person in question spent in the workplace. This makes representatives increasingly capable. This likewise assists with giving representatives a work life parity and this is one of the greatest inspiration factors for the worker. Individuals Oriented: People arranged associations esteem their human asset as perhaps the greatest resource. GSM has received this structure and guaranteed that their workers are esteemed, trusted and thought about. They have given representatives a casual workplace where they can go back and forth at their own will as long as they are conveying results. Workers are likewise given open criticisms so they can extemporize and better their exhibition. They have buckled down in telling representatives that they are esteemed by expelling positions of authority and giving them their own obligations. This is one of the mineral

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Swot Analysis of the United Arab Emirates Cyber Law - 1650 Words

Swot Analysis of the United Arab Emirates Cyber Law (Essay Sample) Content: Cyber Laws in UAEName:Institutional affiliationDateSWOT ANALYSIS OF THE UAE CYBER LAWStrengthsTelecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) appreciates the importance of cyber law on Cybercrime and its necessity to stay updated on issues of cybercrime. UAE is the first country in the Middle East to put in place cyber laws whereby the first cyber-crime law was passed in 2006 in the month of June. For this reason, UAE is ahead of other countries in the Middle East as far as cyber security and crime are concerned.The UAE government is looking for ways in which programs on cybercrime law can be introduced in the local universities to bring awareness about it to more people and to produce experts of the same within UAE. For example,Zayed University started a degree program on cyber security (Ferraro Briody, 2012).WeaknessesThe law has not been able to incorporate some current issues in cybercrime such as digital piracy, harassment via emails and cloud computing. There are some legal consequences that are not clearly spelled out by the law. For example, how to deal with a minor who breaks cybercrime law has not been specified. The UAE cyber crime law covers very large and diverse areas of cyber crimes, nonetheless some parts of the law are very well punctuated but with lack of clarity and explanation.The law has ignored some critical issues relating to cyber crime such as declaring online gambling a cyber crime as well as creating websites that promotes terrorist activities and spreading of strange messages related to terrorist activities.OpportunitiesHosting of global conferences related to cyber-crime in UAE will boost awareness among many users of the internet and the government too (Goodman, 2015). Setting up of cybercrime courts will help in the better exercising of cybercrime law.The UAE has a strong economic base compared to other countries in the Middle East. This is in terms of resources available and the wealth endowed in it. This fact makes it able to grab any available opportunities in the region that are after the improvement of the cyber laws in the country.ThreatsMore than half of population in UAE is exposed to cyber-crime. Some gaps exist in the law, which makes UAE a victim of many cyber-crimes globally. The era we are living in is that of technology and information revolution, this gives hackers and other cyber criminals an opportunity to get new ways of carrying out their illegal activities as well as sharing hackling information and strategies. This puts the people of UAE at the risk of becoming cyber crime victims.Not many people in the UAE are exposed to the internet, hence only a few people recognize the cyber crime laws put in place and appreciate their need in the curbing some illegal activities.Comparison between USA and UAE cyber lawCyber laws in the UAE majorly based on Islamic religious regulations. In the USA the laws arent specifically based on a specific religion but generally on good conduct of individuals. This makes it easier for the law to be exercised in UAE as the citizens see it as part of their religion, which they greatly uphold.Title 18 of the United States of America Code (18 U.S.C) provides a penalty for minor pornography and online personality theft (Federal Reserve System Board of Governors Staff, Office of the Federal Register (U.S.), 2006). This is not provided in the UAE cyber-crime laws. The weakness of this in the UAE is that some cyber-crimes like those ones mentioned above are gone unpunished, hence not achieving the intended purpose of protecting citizens against cyber-crime.The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and protection Act was passed into law in the USA in 1947. However, the act has gone through some amendments, which have helped the USA to take into consideration the upcoming cyber-crimes. On the other hand, in UAE passed its cyber law in June 2006. This is very recent compared to the USA. UAE has a long way to go before it reaches the standards of U SA as far as dealing with cyber-crime is concerned (shinderCross, 2008).Cyber law in USA has a law that deals with illegal access to computers, that is getting access to someone else&e...

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The Use of Light and Dark Images in Antigone - Literature Essay Samples

The Golden Age of Greece is notorious for its many contributions to the creative world, especially in its development of the play. These primitive performances strived to emphasize Greek morals, and were produced principally for this purpose. Antigone, by Sophocles, is typical. The moral focused on in Antigone is the conflict between physis (nature) and nomos (law), with physis ultimately presiding over nomos. Throughout Antigone, King Creon is a symbol for nomos, while Antigone stands on the side of physis. To portray these ideas, light and dark images are used as a recurring motif to reinforce the theme. Light is used to show something good that is happening, whereas dark is utilized to show show of something of which the gods disapprove. Following with tradition, this play uses light to portray what is right in the eyes of the chorus and darkness to reproach the other side. As the play is carried out, the chorus is constantly changing its opinions, first believing in the a ctions of Creon with respect to nomos, then unsure of what to believe, and finally seeing that Antigones actions are more consistent with the morality of the gods and the truths of physis. Light and darkness are used to support in an emotional way the action of whoever the chorus is siding with at these various stages of the play.It is clear that at the beginning of Antigone, the chorus favors the actions of Creon, or nomos. This is shown as Creons intentions and retribution towards Polyneices are justified by jovial words and imagery involving light. In the battle between Eteocles and Polyneices, although both leaders were killed, Eteocles army was the victor. To show that this was positive in the eyes of the gods, the first line of the Parodos in the Prologue refers to the battle as a blade of sun. The morning following the battle was then called a beautiful morning of victory. These are all positive feedback to the victory of Eteolces, and with the help of these light image s, it is easy to identify the chorus thoughts. Another praise to Creon is found in Ode I, where his law against burying Polyneices is referred to as clear intelligence. In this instance, clear is used in the sense that it is easily visible, or obvious, making the statement positive for Creon. Later, in Ode I, the gods again side with Creon, as they refer to his decisions in lines 4 to 5, Earth, holy and inexhaustible, is graven/With shining furrows where his plows have gone The gods are praising Creon; shining furrows where his plows have gone imply that he has left a good indent on matters that he has ruled on, in this case referring to the law against burying Polyneices. It is once again apparent that nomos is being favored by the chorus.As the middle of Antigone approaches, the chorus seems to be unsure of whom to favor, and is torn between physis and nomos. Because of this, references to light and dark motifs in scenes two and three are ironic, and sometimes even contradic tory. In lines 89 to 90 of Scene II, Creon claims, crimes kept in the dark/Cry for light. As Creon says this in regards to Antigone, this statement, ironically, could apply to him as well, as his recent actions and abuse of his power could also be considered a crime. This comment actually foreshadows Creons own fate. Another ironic instance is present in line 37 of Scene III, when Haimon says to Creon, You make things clear for me, and I obey you. Clear is an ambiguous word, used here to show how Haimon is unsure of whose side to favor. Like the chorus, he starts out favoring Creon, but later sides with Antigone. Another example of irony comes when Antigone is doomed for death. As the time comes for her to get locked up and killed, she is feeling dejected and sad, and is looking for pity. Yet, she comes to realize that fate had brought her to this point, and it was not her fault, but was inherited by her from her father, Oedipus, and his family. Figuring this out, because Antigone has fulfilled her fate and realizes that she has not done anything wrong, she becomes spiritually immortal. She has succeeded in doing what she thought was right, (burying her brother), and she knows that the gods are on her side. This realization helps her to face her death. Yet, in line 7 of Scene IV, she continues speaking as if she has not figured this out. She says good-bye to the sun that shines no longer. This continues through line 50 of Scene IV where she declares, the very light of sun is cold to me. These statements imply that Antigone will die both physically and spiritually, although both she and the reader knows that this is not what will happen.The final turn comes in the last two scenes of Antigone, when Creon finally realizes that he is in the wrong. He discovers that physis truly does supersede nomos, and, although he attempts to make amends, he is too late. Ode IV introduces this fact that the chorus has changed its mind, and Antigones actions wit h the idea of physis are presiding over Creons values with regards to nomos. It says, Zeus in a rain of gold poured love upon [Antigone]. The word gold is a reference to light and contains positive connotations. This change in thought is ascertained in Scene V, when Teiresias tells Creon of his recent omen regarding Creon: I began the rites of burnt offering at the altar,But instead of bright flame,the entrails dissolved in gray smoke,And no blaze!Creons omen states that the bright flame, his previous time of being favored by the gods, also a light reference which hold positive connotations, has worn out. This is a symbol of Creons pride, law, and power, which was abused , and has resulted in gray smoke, a gloomy image and a reference to dark. This shows that Creons intentions are now not favored by the gods, as the gods saw that Creons pride with connection to nomos was too high, and images referring to him are now dark and dismal. The play ends as the gods have turned their shoulder on Creon, and have made their final decision that Antigone is ultimately in the right.Because the sole purpose of Antigone is to get a moral point across, the parallels between light and dark and physis and nomos are associated together, and used metaphorically to add diversity and imagery to an otherwise redundant script. In the first scenes, these light and dark images show the reign of Creon. These are followed by the indistinct and ironic middle scenes, and end with the gods choosing Antigones actions over Creons, leaving Creon spiritually dead and paying for his poor choices and conduct. These are very effective techniques, which allow Sophocles to more fully develop his play, and give it a more emotional edge.

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How to Measure Social Culture and Organizational Culture...

Introduction How to measure social culture and organizational culture of one country is an important issue (Miroshnik, 2002). Culture can be defined as the way of life of the group of people, which includes beliefs, art, law, morals, customs, and any capabilities and habits acquired by a man as a member of society, and enables people to communicate with others, provides the knowledge and skill necessary, and anticipates how others in society are likely to respond for the actions (Miroshnik, 2002). In other hand, managers frequently view culture as the collective programming of the mind which distinguishes the members of one human group from another and the interactive aggregate of common characteristics that influence a groups†¦show more content†¦For examples, Indonesians avoid admitting lack of knowledge, inability to complete something, or deny something that it is actually true in order to show dignity. Indonesians are polite people. Upon meeting and leaving, it is usual to shake hands with both men and women. The other example is Indonesians avoid using left hand when offering something to others, because it is regarded as the unclean hand. It is also rude to point someone with a finger (Makmur, 2002). The fact is Indonesian cultural values do not adapt or include some of the elements in the western societies. Singapore Country profile Singapore is located in Southeast Asia between Malaysia and Indonesia. Singapore was part of Malaysia in 1963-1965. The government of Malaysia decided to separate from Singapore in order to avoid further violence between Chinese dominated Singaporean and Malay Muslim communities. Through the 1990s, Singapore experienced sustained economic growth along with Four Tigers which are Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan. The economy depends heavily on export trade, particularly on manufacturing and electronics sector. Singapores population was reported by the government at 4,351,400 in July 2005, and the ethnic Chinese make up 76.8 percent of the population. Malay is the national language and one of the four official languages, along with Chinese, Tamil, and English,Show MoreRelatedA New Team Of Global Employees1257 Words   |  6 Pagesstated countries. This study will look at culture evaluation instruments and how they will be useful to measure the business culture and to find cultural ho les associated with this team. There will be an explanation of how my style of leadership, and techniques will be persuaded by the social ethnicity and multiplicity of the team. There will be an explanation of how the social ethnicity of the team will likely persuade job outcomes and efficiency of the team. There will be an explanation of how theRead MoreDiversity Management Has Increased Improve Competitiveness Within The Business World1146 Words   |  5 Pagesdiversity and the greatest difference is how they approach diversity based on their culture. In Korea, by example, gender is considered an important diversity characteristic when in most western countries race and ethnicity is more accepted as diverse compared to gender which is more used when considering discrimination. Studies have shown positive effect of diversity management in the US but because it isn’t such a concern in homogeneous countries or countries that are uniform in structure there areRead MoreCross- Cultural Work Environments750 Words   |  3 PagesNaeja Silar January 14, 2012 Leadership and Organizational Behavior Unit 1 Assignment Organizational Theory: Cross-Cultural Work Environments I will be researching a theory on the analysis of cross-cultural management style and structure. In researching this theory, it will help managers in a multinational company, or work environment, interact with employees of a diverse background. In understanding, and getting a better idea of how cultures interact in workplace environments, the managerRead MoreRisky Business: Consent Safety and Fire Fighting Culture. Essay670 Words   |  3 PagesRisky Business: Consent Safety and fire fighting Culture. This case study introduces us to the risk, safety measures, and issues involved in fire fighting. The title of the case study is Risky Business: Consent Safety and fire fighting Culture. The case discusses the Bay City fire fighting department which is known â€Å"as one of the most advanced in the country† (2010). The case highlights the fact that though the department has one of the most highly trained fire fighters in its team, the chiefRead MoreAnalysis Of Geert Hofstede s Cultural Theory1644 Words   |  7 PagesCulture influences our expectations of what is appropriate or inappropriate and also learned and reflects the values of a society. It frames our experiences and provides us with patterns of behavior, thinking, feeling, and interacting. In summary, culture affects every prospect of daily life - how we think and feel, how we learn and teach, or what we consider to be beautiful or cross-grained. However, most people are unaware of their own culture until they exper ience another. In fact, we don t regularlyRead MoreAnalysis Of Geert Hofstede s Cultural Theory1644 Words   |  7 PagesCulture influences our expectations of what is appropriate or inappropriate and also learned and reflects the values of a society. It frames our experiences and provides us with patterns of behavior, thinking, feeling, and interacting. In summary, culture affects every prospect of daily life - how we think and feel, how we learn and teach, or what we consider to be beautiful or cross-grained. However, most people are unaware of their own culture until they experience another. In fact, we don t regularlyRead MoreHofstede And Globe ( Global Leadership And Organisation Behaviour Effectiveness1108 Words   |  5 PagesOrganisation Behaviour Effectiveness) research on Culture and Leadership. Hofstede and GLOBE is similar, they both investigation the behaviour of organisations in different countries and across culture. But the way and research scope still quite differ ent. In this report we will summarized and reviewed the theoretical dimension of various culture and leadership. Include the deficiencies in Hofstede’s work which the GLOBE study sought to address. Introduction Culture is a common behavior of the human, representingRead MoreThe Chicago School Of Professional Psychology Essay1342 Words   |  6 Pagesmany countries around the world, employing millions, and directly or indirectly impacting the lives, cultures, economies, and many times the environments of many millions more. Social justice theory of ethics suggests that who is benefited is as important as how many are benefited (IIT, 2016). In the article â€Å"The Need for Ethical Leadership,† Butcher (1997) stated that â€Å"things that affect free enterprise affect the whole society† (p. 86). Additionally, Aleksic (2013) wrote the article â€Å"How OrganizationsRead MoreDefinition Of Dimensions Of Culture998 Words   |  4 PagesDimensions of culture is an idea that expands over many professional and academic categories. Personally, this topic urges my curiosities cause of the career path I have chosen. I am on the path to becoming an Air Force Officer. This career possesses many different challenges and dealing with various dimensions of culture is a prominent aspect. Communication with various allied countries, respecting religious traditions, maintaining ethical values, recognizing religious and social customs are justRead MoreGlobal Leadership And Organizational Behavior Effectiveness1671 Words   |  7 Pages(Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness). The GLOBE research followed in Hofstede s footsteps yet also searched for additional dimensions (Cater, Lang Szabo, 2013, p. 446) as depicted and defined on Table II. In light of the GLOBE findings, earlier conceptualisations of culture have been reconsidered with respect to the impact of culture on leadership (Dickson et al., 2012 as cited in Cater et al., 2013, p. 447). GLOBE researchers introduced twnety one first-orderr â⠂¬Å"primary